Numa Numa Dance

Stop what you're doing and go to this site for the most hilarious video you'll ever see. Click on "Watch This Movie" and then after it loads, press "Play," then choose "Play Without Subtitles." That's the funniest version. I was laughing so hard, I was crying.

Turn up the volume, and you will hear a song that's in Romanian. The name of the song is Dragostea Din Tei. You can get info about it here. You can also read the lyrics in Romanian and English.

Update I: here's a Hebrew version of the song, and here are the lyrics.

Update II: here's a video of the band, O-Zone, singing live on TV.

Update III: here's the music video of the song.

Update IV: find out how O-Zone's song became a hit in Europe here.

Update V: here are a couple websites from the guy who created and is in the hilarious video. I hope all this publicity lands him an incredible job.

Update VI: the O-Zone site has been translated into English.

Update VII: here's some interesting commentary about the craze.

Update VIII: a paper is calling him a Cyberstar.

Update IX: why he did it: "I was sitting in my room, bored, and I found a random song and I thought it would be funny to show friends."

Update X: he made the New York Times. Who would've thought that a few months ago he'd be featured in the Paper of papers. The reins have been handed over, from the bloggers to the MSM.

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