I won

My mind feels like mush. I succeeded in writing 50k of fiction this month. This is the second time I've won--the last time was in 2002. It was a lot more fun this time around, since I took it for what it is: a time to play in the sandbox and pump out lots of words in any way I saw fit.


Anonymous said...

Congratulation, mj. YOW HOO!

Shopgirl said...
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Margaret Larkin said...

There is no reason to be chicken. All you have to do is write like 1500 words a day, or if you're a late starter like me, a few thousand words a day. There are no rules, except to write fiction. You don't have to worry about a plot, or acceptance by the publishing powers that be; you can write whatever you want. In fact, I bet you could easily write something about Macvasia (as long as it's fiction).

Thanks for the congratulatory sentiments. Now all I have to do is experience the blessings that Johanna Edwards has.